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Wäldchengarten - Uncomfortable Positions [Fukk God 035]

Published August 20, 2004

I'm trying to think of another word then sinister to describe this noise ambient piece
by Denmarks Wäldchengarten, but it seems impossible to find any other way to explain it. Layers of drones, scrap metal, feedback and possibly even guitars meld together into a
massive wall of noise terror. Maybe not abrassive, but sure as hell very uncomfortable.
What better way to start the fall then to take a plunge into the oozing slime pit of Wäldchengarten?


Reviewer: LAJ - - August 21, 2004
Subject: Ominous Ambient Noise
Excellent dark ambient & noise release. Four tracks of dark and ominous soundscapes. "forced inquistion" & "action denied" are a slow-moving pieces of noisy drones and shrill frequencies.
"lies got you into this mess..." is a more subtle, brooding piece with a short burst of harsh noise."betrayed, revealed, exposed" is a reverberating wall of noise.
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